You probably ask yourself, “So who are these people?”

We are a team, husband and wife. We used to be a Military family.

Nick is now a Veteran and just recently retired from the United States Army. During his military service we were fortunate to travel the world. This opened our eyes to the beauty that nature brings. Traveling through different countries also made us aware of different ways of living, where and how the natives lived, what was important to them and how they took good care of the land they lived on. Being exposed to so many different cultures made us realize that we needed to support the changes to improve the environment.

Being a Veteran also means being passionate about your country. We also believe in supporting your community and helping your fellow Veterans. Transitioning out of the military is never easy and it’s a drastic change. It can be very hard to start over from scratch with your life and some end up homeless, jobless and some are even disabled.

So we thought we could combine our two passions – the environment and Veterans…

Seeing how much waste is being dumped at local landfills, and how much of it would still be re-usable, made us decide to start our junk removal business. Lionheart Junk Removal was born!

We decided that by re-using and recycling we can make an impact in reducing the amount of waste at local landfills and we can donate items like furniture and other re-usable items to our Veterans in need. This is why we started to partner with charities that support homeless and disabled Veterans, like Military Missions in Action.

Something else that is close to our heart is quality of service. We strive for outstanding service, which means being on time, having a friendly team, being pleasant to work with, going above and beyond and offering affordable pricing.