I can’t use pictures for this post because I don’t want to incriminate anyone. I have to share how much it really bothers me to continue to see blatant disregard for our environment when I’m at the dump.

Too many companies out there just take for granted that you, the customer, will call them regardless of how they operate or the impact they have.

Every time we make a trip to the dump (which isn’t very often…once a week or less), I see companies out there dumping perfectly good furniture, recycables, tires and all kinds of stuff! Tires and recycables can be recycled for *free* at the county landfills/convenience centers!!

The only reason that anyone would dump all those non-trash items with the options available is pure laziness! It only takes a small amount of time and effort to properly sort the junk that customers get rid of and dispose of it properly. We do it, which means so can everyone else.

Vote with your buying power and stop supporting irresponsible and lazy companies! It’s your community – show them what’s important to you!

On that same token, we need to improve the Wake County recycling program. Just so everyone who reads this is aware, you can’t recycle things like large plastic containers. I don’t know why, but there are many items going to the dumps that can be recycled.

If Germany can recycle 85% of what it consumes, then I’m pretty sure we could handle a few of these items on the no-no list. Contact your Representatives and let’s make some change!!