It’s been an incredible first 90 days! We’d like to thank everyone who took a chance with us and discovered what professional, friendly service is all about. We’ve met a lot of interesting people, made many friends and learned a tremendous amount about life in our local community. Here’s some fun stats about what happened in our first 90 days!

– 60 Customers

– 24 Trailers (444 cubic yards) of Junk

– 14 Trailers of Donated Goods (259 cubic yards)

– 10 Veteran Brothers & Sisters Hired Us

– 6 Visits to Wake County Landfills

– 5 Customers Successfully Moved

– 3 Charity Partnerships Formed (Military Missions In Action, Wake ReStore and Going Full Circle)

– 2 Repeat Customers ;D

– 2 World War II Veterans Met!!!

– 1 Yard Clean-Up

Most of all, thank you to all of our customers. You helped a Veteran and his wife achieve their dreams of business ownership!!

Thank you VERY much to:

Joe B.

Raven B.

Mike B.

Michele B.

James C.

Julia C.

Kristen C.

Mike D.

Ryan D.

James D.

Emma E.

Paul F.

Linda F.

Brian G.

Cassy G.

Brandon & Krystal G.

Dan G.

Erin H.

Helga H.

Tammy & Nick H.

Meredith H.

Peter & Pierce J.

Farhath K.

Diane K.

Earline K.

Hanna K.

Jacob K.

Wanda K.

Phillis & Oliver L.

Frances L.

Latrice L.

Chris M.

Tracy M.

Malynda M.

Valissa & David M.

Dennis & Linda M.

Barbara P.

Janet P.

Pete P.

Maria P.

Lidia P.

Daniel P.

Suzanne P.

Elizabeth Q.

Berry S.

Deb S.

Joel S.

Michelle T.

Larry T.

Jeffrey T.

Sandra T.

Cynthia W.

Kim W.

Lawrence W.

Ronald W.

Joel Y.

You guys made it all possible!! Thank you for supporting the Triangle’s ONLY Veteran-owned junk removal service!!


Nick & Stefanie