The Veteran!

An artistic visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit and a talent for marketing and sales, Nick recently retired from the United States Army. Service to our country, exposure to other cultures and a love for the beauty of our natural environments cemented his dedication to provide a reliable and responsible option to our local community when it came to junk removal and hauling services. With discipline and honor, he strives to provide exceptional service in the Research Triangle area, beyond the call of duty!

The Brains!

A crafty handywoman with a sharp eye and exceptional attention to detail, Stefanie has a long history in the Information Technology field. With decades of European cultural exposure, Stefanie decided to focus her attention full-time to our community and the effort to protect the future of Wake County. Her rare analytical skills and ability to handle complex math became instrumental to building the foundation of the Lionheart brands and understanding the needs of her customers!

Why do we do what we do?

Having been exposed to really great environmental and recycling programs from around the world, we were not satisfied with the large gap between what CAN BE recycled, repurposed or reused here locally and WHAT IS recycled, repurposed and reused by our junk removal company. Too many items get tossed into our local landfills that could be put to better use. We think we can do better, and now we are taking action!

We were also inspired when we started looking for partners by an amazing local Non-Profit – Military Missions in Action! Their work with homeless Veterans and disabled Veterans is a cause that hits close to home for us, and we believe that we can put items that YOU no longer need to better use for the homeless and disabled Veterans in the Triangle and beyond!!

We feel that if we are able to achieve our goals of repurposing, recycling or donating 80% or more of the junk we haul away from our customers, then we will have contributed something great to the Tarheel State! With our junk removal services, not only will you clear your residential or commercial space, but support a good cause as well. Be sure to call us now for your free estimation!

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